Generations of Experience

To the great pleasure of our company, we have entered into a partnership with the Italian company Edelweis. So some of their products are already available in the UK. Our company is based in Nottingham so you can buy these wonderful hand painted ceramics in person.

Edelweiss ceramiche azienda


Since 1970, year in which Francesco Morlin founded Ceramiche Artistiche Edelweiss, the family Morlin combines the handcraft art of ceramic with the creation of modern objects, respecting the tradition of the past and the needs of the customers, always with a touch of originality inspired from nature. Our products are completely handmade and handpainted and come from the desire to offer an high quality handicraft ceramics production, looking for refined and modern lines, to personalize all the different homes and to meet all the tastes, from traditional to modern.


Edelweiss believes that the best investment is in the continuous search for quality and in the creation of new lines that transmit our emotions to our customers: the love for things done and painted by hand, the awareness of bringing a unique and unrepeatable object into their homes, the passion towards our lands the satisfaction of bringing a touch of Italy to homes all over the world.

Edelweiss ceramiche azienda


Popular Products

Here you can find some of the most popular products. If you are looking for a gift or want to add a touch of Italian style to your home, don’t hesitate to check our products.